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To the north of Çirali village, near the village of Tekirova is the ancient site of Phaselis. The city possessed three harbors and was known for its shipyards. The site is one of the most picturesque in Turkey.

The city was originally settled by colonists who came over from the island of Rhodes during the 6th century B.C. The city was famous in antiquity for its fast, light sailing boats that were known as Phaseli. The city enjoyed a great deal of prosperity through all the various periods, most especially during the time of the Roman Empire. An arch that commemorates the visit of Emperor Hadrian to Phalesis can be seen at the site.


The site is heavily overgrown with shrubs and greenery, but a few of the ancient monuments can be made out. Remains of the three harbors are there; one is to the north, one to the northeast, and one to the southwest of the main site. Most of the ruins of buildings are found on the neck of the peninsula, lying between the harbors on the northeast and southwest sides. Near the latter harbor is the Arch of Hadrian. The overgrown site of the theater is to the west of the paved street. The city agora is located in the northeastern end. Among other ruins of interests found at Phaselis are a cistern, an unidentified temple, a portion of the city wall and a church. Further north of the site are some stone tombs built on the order of sarcophagi.

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