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The ancient Lycian town of Limyra is interesting for its excellent monumental tombs dating from the 4th century B.C. The site is located a short distance to the north of Finike at the village of Demirciköy.


At the site of Limyra, many sarcophogi and tombs may be seen along the roadway. A number of them are well preserved and are decorated with fine carvings. One particular tomb of the Lycian period has a pointed arch and fine reliefs. A theater in a good state of repair, dating to the Roman period of control may also be seen at the site. A shrine or heroon was excavated acop the acropolis at Limyra. This was cut into the rock and fronted with a terrace. The tomb was in the shape of an amphiprostyle temple with four caryatids rather than the conventional columns. These were placed on round columns bases, and they supported an architrave decorated with rosettes and dentils. A frieze, lion-head water spouts and excellent carvings make the shrine a fine work of funerary art.

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