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İzmir ( Smyrna )

The first city of Smyrna was founded 5000 years ago in Tepekule, Bayraklı. This city had a small sheltered harbor and the houses were built on the rocks. Flourishing rapidly, it became one of the cultural centers of Western Anatolia like the famous city of Troy in the north. The remains of the houses and various objects of historical value have been discovered during recent excavations made in Bayraklı by Ankara University.

A change of culture and civilization, is noticed in the second historical period of the city between 2000-1200 B.C. The vases found in Bayraklı belonging to this period were made in imitation of Hittite vases in central Anatolia.

Moreover the Hittite reliefs in Kemalpaşa and Manisa near İzmir are evidences of cultural relations in this period between central Anatolia and the west and of the influence of hte great Hittite Empire.

The excavations in Bayraklı have revealed that the the first Greek Aeolian settlement in izmir started at the end of the 11th Century B.C.

In this period izmir developed closer relations with Greece whence the Aolians orignated and continued it’s relations with north-western and central Asia Minor. This period lasted till the end of 9th Century B.C. and was followed by the lonion period which is the most glorious phase of the history of this ancient city. Herodotus mentions the conquest of izmir by Colophonians in this period. According to legends Homer lived in izmir. Pausanias discribes the splendours of his ancient city. The period ended in 600 B.C. when the city was conquered and destroyed by Alyattes, the king of Sardis.


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