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 Homer referred to the fire-breathing monster that lived in Lycia and was known as the Chimaera. The monster was part lion, part goat and part snake; It was purportedly slain by the hero Bellerophon, but its fire could never be extinguished. The mythic fire still issues from the site of Chimaera which is found on the side of Mount Phoenix, a few kilometers from the ancient city of Olympus near Çirali village.

The site of the ever-burning fire, called Yanar in Turkish, has long been used as a shrine. It has been described by many of the ancient writers as the perpetual fire can be seen from the sea at night. It is said that the flame will not roast stolen meat.


Ruins Of Chimaera

A small church may be seen at the site that was built by the Byzantines. An apse and two of the windows are left standing of the church. An inscription was found inside that said: Theodulos, the servant of God. One inscription at the site is on a pedestal and is dedicated to the Emperor Hadrian by the nearby town of Olympus.

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