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Anamur is 241 kilometers from Mersin over a road which offers some of the most spectacularly beautiful scenery in Turkey. Most of the route follows the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

The castle of Anamur is medieval in appearance and was used by the Crusaders, Karamans, and Ottoman Turks but it is said to have been built by the Romans in the 3rd century. Situated on the shores of the Sea, it is a picture-book castle and the finest in Turkey.


Covering a large area a short distance from modern Anamur are the ruins of the Roman city of Anemurium. The city, captured with the most of Cilicia from the Syrians, was said to have originally been built by the Phoenician traders. The ruins are extensive and it is possible to walk in the old streets and to peer into ancient dwellings and gardens. There is an odeion, a small theater, baths, public buildings, a reservoir and many unique tombs and temples.

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